As Insider North West publishes it's annual top 500 companies, it also met with a few of the #formidable500.

Every January, Insider champions companies at the heart of job and wealth creation in the region. This year, as well as publishing the list, Insider highlighted some of the region’s most successful companies, giving readers insider knowledge on their successes.

James Cropper – featured in the January Issue
Kendal-based James Cropper works with brands such as Costa, Selfridges and McDonald’s to drive value from waste through innovation. The company also creates 100 per cent plastic-free packaging and is taking strides to embed “circular economy” principles into business practice.

Its global-leading technology removes the polyethylene coating that makes takeaway cups waterproof, while preserving their paper fibres. They are then turned into papers and consumer packaging. Chief executive Phil Wild says: “We have recycled 30 million coffee cups at our world-first CupCycling facility in the North West, and have the capacity to convert 500 million coffee cups per year into papers for packaging.”

At the 2018 Waste to Wealth Summit in London, James Cropper pledged to continue work as a key innovator in the packaging and recycling industry.  Wild says: “Our latest innovation takes
paper fibre from renewable forests, as well as used coffee cups, and moulds it to create plastic-free packaging. The moulded packaging is recyclable in the standard paper waste stream and biodegradable; even if it is not recycled, it breaks down without any harm to the environment.”

Excerpt from Business Insider 13-14

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