Brimful of Ambition

World’s Biggest Paper Cup Record Attempt

When the Tour of Britain arrives in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire on Monday 7 September, visiting cyclists from around the world won’t be the only ones with a thirst for breaking records. While they compete for glory on the roads, staff from The Printed Cup Company will be attempting to build the world’s biggest ever paper cup just yards from the start line using paper sourced from James Cropper PLC.

The unusual project has been initiated by and will be hosted by The Printed Cup Company, who are bidding for the World Record in celebration of the famous race arriving in Clitheroe. In manufacturing the world’s largest paper cup, the team will be going all out to win a place in the Guinness Book of Records. They estimate that it will take over a week to manufacture the giant cup with more than 100 hours of intensive labour. Over half of the factory floor will need to be cleared for its construction and it’ll be a race against time and any wet weather to ensure it is complete in time for the adjudication team to arrive and certify it a record-breaker.

Once complete, the cup will measure 4.5 metres tall by three metres wide and will be placed on the top of the Printed Cup Company’s factory roof in Clitheroe with the help of a crane. In a normal days’ work, the Printed Cup Company produce a thousand bespoke paper cups daily for hundreds of companies across Europe.

James Cropper Paper, the only company in the world to recycle previously unrecyclable paper cups, will supply over 100 metres of specially dyed yellow card for the production of the giant cup, as well as yellow paper for thousands of special cups for spectators to mark the occasion with a celebratory drink or two. The paper to be used, Vanguard, contains around 50% reclaimed fibres from the coffee cup recycling process.

The two North West organisations are well-known to each other, with The Printed Cup Company supplying James Cropper Paper with waste from cup production that is reclaimed and used to make papers used in a variety of applications from high-end stationery to packaging. In accordance with both companies’ commitment to sustainability, the giant cup will be recycled once the challenge has been recorded.

Chris Brown, Commercial Director of James Cropper Paper, said: “Like our detailed research into how to recycle paper cups, efforts to build the world’s biggest paper cup will be a feat of determination and ambition. But, nothing good comes easy and we’ll be supporting the team from The Printed Cup Company all the way. We know that the weather is the only thing that could get in their way and cause the paper cup to buckle under the conditions, so as well as sending our messages of support we’ll be hoping for sunshine.”

Opened by Her Majesty the Queen in July 2013, James Cropper’s Reclaimed Fibre Facility was the result of a £5million investment and has since seen millions of cups turned back into paper.  The investment was recognised by the paper industry as a landmark development in the progression of sustainable paper production, being awarded The Luxepack In Green Award in the same year. The Coffee range, which comes in six colours, was launched in September 2014 and was the first paper to take the recycled cup content to 50%.

In 2014, James Cropper PLC became one of 14 international companies to formally join the Paper Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG), drawing together paper and paper cup manufacturers with high street coffee retailers, to conduct in-market trials of recycling processes and end products, with emphasis on the UK market.