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We offer our own ranges of speciality papers to meet diverse product applications

1845 Archival

A variety of products used for the exhibition and storage of photographs, precious artefacts and works of art. These specialist papers and boards include those… Read more


Available in a selection of contemporary whites and creams with a choice of laid, wove or profile surface finishes. The ambassador range of watermarked papers and… Read more


A distinctive paper with a soft-touch felt marked texture that is both elegant and individual. The beautiful surface texture imparts a tactile and visual appeal… Read more


Sophistication comes in many shades of black and James Cropper holds over 50 recipes for the darkest, most elusive of paper colours. Technology, science, art… Read more

Black Bowston

Black papers and boards made from 100% recovered fibre. Solid dyed papers and boards prevent white edges and break-white on folds and creases. Bowston is… Read more


Billions of single-use coffee cups used and the offcuts from cup production were at a recycling dead end until James Cropper developed ways of giving… Read more


A particularly beautiful paper with a shimmering surface lustre. It’s sheer elegance inspires creative innovation in all types of graphic and structural design. Comet is… Read more


Visit DOLCELICIOUS.COM for further information on the Dolcelicious range. Organic, subtle and natural or glamorous, rich and bold, choose from 11 eye-catching shades and work with us… Read more


An elegant and restrained felt marked texture distinguishes the Elation range of text and cover papers. The discreet surface texture imparts a soft tactile finish… Read more

Kendal Drawing Cartridge

Medium weight acid-free paper with a matt white surface designed specifically for illustration and drawing. The slightly toothy surface texture makes this paper ideal for… Read more

Kendal Laundry Tag

This paper is manufactured from cellulose pulp with a wet strength additive that holds up to water, humidity and moisture for extended time periods. The… Read more

Kendal Manilla

A range of high quality boards firmly established as a benchmark for outstanding performance within the filing and stationery markets. This strong and durable board… Read more


Kendaline is a lightweight file covering available with a plain finish or with the option of an embossed texture. The paper fibres are fully dyed… Read more


Lorenzo combines the classic appearance of parchment with a selection of warm and pastel colours. Available in both an antique and smooth laser guaranteed finish…. Read more


A stylish paper with a discreet surface texture for a visually striking and incredibly tactile effect. The refined texture and exceptional sense of touch adds… Read more


A truly distinctive paper quality with a unique undulating visual effect created within the body of the sheet. This range is both a technical and… Read more


A versatile range of classy gloss and matt foil laminate papers and boards. Statement packaging projects can benefit from the impeccably smooth finish and wide… Read more


Natural is a selection of uncoated papers in full bodied hues with lots of character and meaning, but also chic neutrals and intense brights. Available… Read more


Delicate coloured fibres are randomly distributed on a fine laid surface to create a stylish and discreet range of paper and board. The beautiful and… Read more


An exceptionally smooth white graphic board which offers an excellent printing surface. It is manufactured using a twin-wire process to create a smooth and even… Read more

Raven Presentation Board

An intense black heavy-weight board, ideal as a rigid backing in pads & sketch books or for presentations and displays. This laminated board lies flat… Read more


Exceptionally smooth papers which bring understated authority to a wide range of corporate communications. These twin-wire papers and boards are even-sided and have a high… Read more


An elegant and modern surface structure that runs in line with the grain of the paper. This linear mark has both a tactile and visual… Read more


A decorative fabric weave watermark that enhances both the visual and tactile appeal qualities of the paper. The discreet mark creates a square effect across… Read more

Snow White Bookbinding

A non-woven snow white covering material with an embossed surface texture to emulate cloth. With strength and fold endurance, bookbinding papers produced by James Cropper… Read more

Sprint Manilla

One of the leading European filing brands with a reputation for excellent runnability, strength and durability. This range is produced with around 80% recovered fibre,… Read more


TacCard is a high quality uncoated, wood free, white board particularly suited for the packaging of premium products. With luxury goods in mind, TacCard has… Read more


Typographia has the look and feel of an uncoated paper, but has the print performance of a coated grade. Typographia is modern simplicity – this… Read more


Vanguard is a collection of smooth uncoated papers and boards available in a wide range of pastel and intense colours. Matching paper and board weights… Read more

Wall Ready Media

A digital inkjet range of premium glossy, semi gloss, two -sided matt and embossed finishes stocked in varying thicknesses and sizes. Our Wall Ready Media… Read more

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