London Fashion Week 2019 will forever be remembered for the loss of one the industries iconic influencers, Karl Lagerfeld. One of the few designers whose eccentricities and creative genius did not overshadow that of the luxury brands he represented. The brands always came first, his deep understanding of the individuality and uniqueness of those brands enabled him to develop and introduce them to new audiences and consumers. He had an unrivalled ability to create new and exciting executions whilst maintaining brand heritage and core propositions.

It can be increasingly difficult for designers and luxury fashion houses to maintain their ideals and definitions of what makes them luxury in the ever changing world we live in today. Consumers are demanding more of brands. They are much more interested in the brand as a business and not just its products. Sustainability is the key topic on everyone’s lips at the moment. How can luxury brands be more sustainable? What more can they do to reduce their impact on the environment and the world we live in? Everything from manufacturing processes, the materials they use and the people they employ.

On the last day of London Fashion week 2019, where there were already more sustainable fashion brands taking part than any other year – including a Vivienne Westwood collection created from recycled packaging – MP’s announced they want to make fast fashion more sustainable. Calling for a new economic model for fashion, whereby they propose retailers and clothing manufacturers take more responsibility for the industry’s contribution to climate change.

Many brands have already made pledges to become more conscious and sustainable in the coming years and are taking serious steps towards achieving their goals. James Cropper have been creating papers for luxury fashion brands for many years and have witnessed the growth in demand for more sustainable paper packaging.

Luxury fashion brands are about originality and telling a unique story through their products. Due to the continued innovation from all involved in the packing industry, previous conceptions that sustainable packaging is boring could not be further from the truth!

Demand for speciality papers is surging (source:, with packaging and labelling representing the largest end use. The rise can be attributed to a number of factors; consumer trends for convenience and sustainability, cost effective manufacturing and flexibility. The minimalist pack trend has also had a huge influence on the demand for speciality papers, with the rising preference for solid colours. Brands are wanting to keep their image simple without losing their distinct story.

Brands have come to recognise the innovation behind speciality papers and the limitless possibilities of paper. Luxury brands can carve out their story in paper using texture, finishing, colour and raw materials. Their paper packaging can therefore convey key messages of sustainability, trust and heritage.

Just as Lagerfeld did, here at James Cropper we recognise that innovation is a key driver for growth. Amongst others, we have introduced CupCycling, a unique process to transform used paper cups into the most beautiful papers for premium packaging applications.

The papers produced are 100% recyclable and renewable, attributes which are key in the sustainability debate for both brands and consumers. The papers are completely customisable, each one can be ‘Tailor Made’ to meet a specific requirement or need. Whether it be a technical specification or an aesthetically driven brief, James Cropper are redefining paper to tell a brands story through its packaging. It’s about creating a unique experience for consumers, without compromise.


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