Smartisan T1 Smartphone

Premium device launches in China, packaged using James Cropper papers

Smartisan, a Chinese technology company that takes its name simply from the two English words, ‘Smart’ and ‘Artisan’ has emerged with its long-awaited T1 smartphone, a device designed for the premium telecommunications market. It’s packaging, a lavish black box with die cut product spacing and foil branding uses James Cropper papers.

5,500 fans of Smartisan’s entrepreneur CEO, Luo Yonghao attended a three hour product launch event at the China National Conference Centre in Beijing on 20 May 2014. Youku the online video portal that provided a live webcast, reports it was the most-viewed online tech-related event ever in China. 10 million people watched the Smartisan founder introduce the T1 to the world.

Mr Luo described the phone as “the easiest-to-use smartphone in the Eastern Hemisphere” with “the best screen” and “the fastest mass-produced mobile CPU.”

Smartisan mentioned their network of reputable suppliers at the event. Among these were the Ammunition Group design house, which includes former Apple designer Robert Brunner, and James Cropper who supplied a Natural Obsidian paper for the phone packaging. The global audience saw an image of Her Majesty The Queen on her recent visit to the Burneside manufacturing facilities of James Cropper.

Mr Brunner has said that he wanted to work with Smartisan because of the emphasis the Company placed on design, and for their ambition to “bring great design to the Chinese market.”

The Smartisan T1 will be on sale in early July 2014.

View the launch video at: