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The Mill Collection

'Off the Shelf' or 'Made to Order'


Mill Collection Kendal Manilla

Kendal Manilla

A range of high quality boards firmly established as a benchmark for outstanding performance within the filing and stationery markets.

Mill Collection Pocelain


An exceptionally smooth white graphic board which offers an excellent printing surface.

Mill Collection Vanguard


A collection of smooth uncoated papers and boards available in a wide range of pastel and intense colours.

Mill Collection Archival


A variety of products used for the exhibition and storage of photographs, precious artefacts and works of art.

Mill Collection Apollo shades


A distinctive paper with a soft-touch felt marked texture.

Mill Collection Comet


Beautiful paper with a shimmering surface lustre.

Mill Collection Elation


Paper with an elegant and restrained felt marked texture.

Mill Collection Kendal Drawing Cartridge

Kendal Drawing Cartridge

Medium weight acid-free paper with a matt white surface designed specifically for illustration and drawing.

Mill Collection Laundry Tag

Kendal Laundry Tag

Manufactured from cellulose pulp with a wet strength additive that holds up to water, humidity and moisture for extended time periods.

Mill Collection Kendaline


A lightweight file covering available with a plain finish or with the option of an embossed texture.

Mill Collection Lorenzo


Combines the classic appearance of parchment with a selection of warm and pastel colours.



A stylish paper with a discreet surface texture for a visually striking and incredibly tactile effect.

Mill Collection Satinesse


Exceptionally smooth papers which bring understated authority to a wide range of corporate communications.

Mill Collection Saturn


An elegant and modern surface structure that runs in line with the grain of the paper.

Mill Collection Snow White

Snow White

A non-woven snow white covering material with an embossed surface texture to emulate cloth.

Mill Collection Sprint Manilla

Sprint Manilla

One of the leading European filing brands with a reputation for excellent runnability, strength and durability.

Mill Collection Tac Card


A high quality uncoated, wood free, white board particularly suited for the packaging of premium products.

Mill Collection Typographia curl


The look and feel of an uncoated paper, but has the print performance of a coated grade.

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