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Maison Ruinart 'Second Skin' - A Sustainable Luxury Packaging Story

Secondskincase ruinart colourform
Etuisecondepeau blancdeblancs ruinart
Ruinart second skin COLOURFORM 6
PLD awards Ruinart Colourform WINNER 2021 logo
Luxe Pack Green Award WINNER with peoples choice 2020
Ruinart champagne trophy packaging award 2020 Les trophies
Luxury packaging award Colourform 2020
Patrick Willink, M.D. COLOURFORM™
FDL award colourform Oscar de lemballage 2020
Sustainability awards 2020 colourform1 Formes de luxe packaging insight award colourform2
Design Week 3 D Structural Packaging wide
Ruinart second skin colourform james cropper
Secondepeau conception ruinart
Burneside James Cropper Cumbria countryside

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