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Tailor Made

Your Personalised Paper Solution

by James Cropper

Tailor Made allows you to indulge your wildest creative impulses.

Choose your colour, texture and functional requirements, and we will make a Paper just for you…

Are Limitless

In 4 simple stages:



Put Pen to Paper

Pink weave close up


Navy mottled texture


Fluffy cotton

Fibre Blend

Yellow curl


James Cropper are dedicated to helping you create a personal paper-based solution that is kind to the planet, and also beautiful.



Make Your Concept a Reality

Our team of experts will specifically engineer a product to meet your needs and ensure end application suitability.

Unique Colour

Choose from 184 shades of black to 62 shades of white and everything in between.

Test tube pipette
184 shades
of black
62 shades
of white
and anything
in between
Bespoke Fibres

With access to an unrivalled portfolio of fibres we can recommend the best raw materials for your project to meet procurement, legislative and design requirements.

Tailormade icons
Distinctive Textures

Our portfolio of 35 embossings and 5 feltmarks means there's a texture for everyone. We can also work to create a Tailor Made design for those wanting a truly unique feel.

Lines embossing
05 Feltmarks
35 Embossings
Paper Enhancements

We can duplex to create unique effects.
Laminate up to 5 plies in single or colour combinations, creating boards up to 3mm in thickness.

Laminate up to 5 plies
03mm board thickness


Bring Your Ideas to Life

Minimum making from 3 tonnes
(Equivalent to 6 pallets of paper, or 30,000 large luxury retail bags)

Production colour mixing Production minders
4 specialist paper
width reels
Production colour experts Production state of the art tooling

Customer Care

Your Tailor Made journey continues into customer care with our global sales team.

We offer world class customer service managing all aspects of the supply chain.

Your Tailor Made Paper is Exclusive To You

James Cropper Lorry on the fells

Own Your Brand

Get in Touch

To start your Tailor Made journey today, complete your details below and one of the team will be in contact!

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