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Box Board

As leading folding box board manufacturers and suppliers, our bespoke folding box boards are produced to the highest quality enabling the creation of luxurious packaging to enhance and protect premium products.

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Engineered with good foldability, rigidity and flatness for clean edges and a pristine finish. Robust board weights for heavier products are available through laminating to produce greater thickness and also the option of a different colour on each surface.


Solid dyed papers to avoid white edges

The paper is coloured all the way through its thickness, each fibre is dyed, avoiding unsightly white edges on creases and folds that can occur with a surface-coated quality.

120 A3342 X2

Board engineered for rigidity and flatness

Stiffness is an important property of folding paper board for packaging applications, providing the packaged contents with physical protection. A uniformly flat surface is also desirable for pristine conversion and display.

Calvin Klein box

Sustainable by design

Natural and renewable resource. A recent study by Graz University of Technology in Austria, found that fibre-based packaging can be recycled at least 25 times without losing its mechanical and structural integrity.

Rydal Packaging Collection

Natural paper choice for premium packaging.

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Other Papers for box board:

WORN AND REBORN: Giving pre-loved denim new life.

Pioneering materials to celebrate our environment.

Specialist Paper Suppliers

Paper converting can often sit as a separate service to papermaking, with a complicated and lengthy supply chain limiting possibilities for the customer. However, the James Cropper Tailor Made service allows our clients to take their vision to the next level by benefitting from the fact that our papermaking and converting capabilities are all under one roof.

Textures and Patterns

The versatile surface of James Cropper papers can be made to take on forms that are as intriguing to the touch as they are beautiful to the eye.

Why not heighten tactility and add visual impact with one of the textured designs in the James Cropper collection?


James Cropper offers a choice of more than 30 different embossing patterns including textile weaves, leathers, rippling effects and intricate geometrics in grid, spot or linear formations to further enhance our premium papers and boards. We can also create a tailor made design for those wanting something truly unique.

To give increased clarity and depth to the textured finish, embossing patterns can be applied using a Hot Press heating method.

Explore our felt mark and watermark patterns here -



Kendal Laid


Creative Effects

Whether it's bespoke embossing, laminating for effect or varnishing for technical performance that you are looking for, we are driven by the creativity of our clients and embrace every challenge.

We can duplex, film laminate or coat paper to create unique effects and textures quite unlike anything you'd get from print.

  • Laminating up to 5 piles in single colour or striking colour combinations
  • Papers from 70gsm to 3mm thick
  • Decorative film and foil options
  • Shimmering pearl effects
  • Custom inclusions

Water-based Varnish

Whilst a simple clear gloss or matt water based varnish can enhance the appearance of the paper, it also improves resistance to scuffing and finger-marking. A gloss varnish reflects back the light and makes the base colour appear richer and more vivid. A matt varnish gives the surface a satin look with a discreet sheen.

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

We go to great lengths to prove your papers lasting integrity.

Starting with the selection of raw materials to ensure the right paper grade and right choice of dyes and pigments are used to support your technical requirements; whether that is optimal colourfastness, rub or bleed resistance, wet or dry strength.

With safety and hygiene still being of high concern for people, particularly for items such as packaging, we can also reduce risk from bacteria or viral contamination with our PaperGard silver ion product production.

Adding lamination for rigidity or thickness and textures or coatings during the converting process for decorative effect, anti-counterfeiting measures or to aid scuff resistance; our paper experts can design your product with the end use in mind.

Explore our Technical Requirements here.

Yellow Paper Production

Paper Heavyweight

The mill can produce papers from 70gsm to 450gsm on machine. In addition we have the facility to laminate multiple paper plies to create heavyweight boards up to 3mm thick in single or multi-colour combinations.

Our papers and boards can be produced in reel or short form.

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